Digitalisation, remote
monitoring and diagnostics.
Increasing uptime and productivity

29 – 30 June 2021, Online
June 29

Day 1

11:00 am (UAE Time)
11:00 am (UAE Time)

Virtual Presentation

How Zahid Tractor is using Infor ERP systems to power its Digital Transformation

During this session you find out how one of the biggest equipment suppliers in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s Zahid Tractor is using enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology from infor to support their organisation’s Digital Transformation journey and how it’s enabling them to distinguish their customer centric offerings and commitment to excellence across the Saudi construction, transport and rental sectors. Zahid Tractor’s president for transport, Nasser Bayram, and Infor’s senior director for solution consulting, Khaled Alshami explain.

11:45 am (UAE Time)

Expert Viewpoints

Data is the New Payload

More than just machine monitoring, telematics and connectivity solutions now enable preventive maintenance, spot operator training needs, highlight wasteful practices and help increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

Key Themes:

  • Telematics systems and how they help increase efficiency
  • Remote monitoring of machines and a connected job-site
  • Using data for predicting machine health and conducting preventive maintenance
  • How data analysis can increase safety and efficiency on job-sites
  • Using remote monitoring to identify operator training needs and increasing up-time

June 30

Day 2

11:00 am UAE Time
11:00 am (UAE Time)

Virtual Presentation

Technology in powered access – the JLG way

JLG’s senior product marketing manager for EMEAIR, Jan-Willem van Wier, leads the audience through the technology innovations that the leading MEWP manufacturer is making to provide a safer, more efficient, cleaner and greener jobs-site.

11:45 am (UAE Time)

Expert Viewpoints

Get it Online

From online equipment auctions to online hire of machinery and online training to online certification – it’s all on the internet.

Key Themes:

  • Equipment rental goes online – how and where to find the machines you need
  • How Covid-19 has influenced the behaviour of the equipment sector and what influence it will have on the future
  • Looking online is the future of buying equipment
  • How infusing IoT technology in operations is helping the rental sector
  • The increasing relevance and acceptance of virtual training

12:45 pm (UAE Time)

Virtual Presentation

Technology in Compact Equipment – The Future According to Bobcat

Vijay Nerva, Bobcat’s innovation and acceleration head for the EMEA region, holds forth on the shape of things to come in the compact equipment field, explaining the new technologies Bobcat is working on for its compact machines, which could transform the way they are used.